"Knitwhits kits may win the prize in the category of cute, fun things to knit.. Cotton hats, wool hats, purses, scarves, flowers, cat toys and even knit bikinis; requiring skill levels from beginning to advanced; felted and not felted - there's something here to appeal to every knitter."
Edie Eckman - Creative Knitting
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Kit FAQ's

What yarn do you use? We suggest Tahki Cotton Classic for cotton items. For wool and felted items we suggest Cascade 220. Flowers are made with Cascade Indulgence, an Alpaca/Angora blend yarn. For the bikinis we suggest Cascade Fixation yarn, a cotton and elastic blend. We use Louet Gems Merino Fingering Weight (aka Pearl) for our sock kits. You can rollover the "Yarn Info" image on any of our store pages for a listing of yarns by name and color numbers used in each particular kit or project. We generally do not specify the yarns by number on the pattern so that you can freely pick a yarn of your choice (as long as the gauge matches of course..) We have chosen these brands as the yarn is of high quality, they are established companies that are able to fulfill orders in a timely manner, and tend not to discontinue colors every season. There are, of course, many other fine yarn companies out there, and believe me, I would love to offer cashmere kits, but it's just not realistic to do so.

I bought a kit and I've run out of yarn! Help! I'm sorry you ran out of yarn. Each kit comes with 20% more yarn than is required - as long as you correctly match the gauge. If you ran out of yarn, either you made an error in following the instructions or your gauge is off. You can order more yarn from us in 20-25 gram ball increments. There is no way we can match the dye lot but the yarns we use are fairly accurately matched across dye lots. Please visit our new Yarn section where you can get mini skeins of the same yarn we use in our kits at a very reasonable price.

So what is gauge all about anyway? There is a very good, brief lesson here on gauge that I highly recommend reading if you want to understand more about gauge. There is another slightly more detailed one here (on my blog). For Knitwhits hats, we knit the cotton at 6 sts/inch and 8 rows to the inch. This yarn is like denim, it will stretch with wear, so it's important to match the gauge correctly to get an item you will be happy with. Likewise our felted hats and items are knit (generally) at a tighter gauge than you may be used to for felted items. This is to slow down the felting process so you don't end up with something too small. We do not double strand our yarn in any of our felted items.

Can I pick my own colors and have you customize a kit for me? Sorry, we just don't have the manpower to do this. But, the good news is that it's still cheaper for you to get a kit and one or two of our mini skeins of yarn or two over buying the pattern and yarns separately. Check out our new Yarn section where you can learn more.

Can I buy full skeins of colors I need directly from you? We ask that you please support your local yarn store and try them first, if you have no luck there, then we would suggest you try searching the web for a vendor who may carry the yarn you need.

Can you custom design something for me? Sorry, this just is not possible at this time.